Sep 29, 2009

RethinkPopMusic Launch Party

09/17/09 was the most successful night in RethinkPopMusic history and although we formed merely nine months ago your support has been overwhelming. Therefore, innumerable thanks are in order:


Foremost, RethinkPopMusic would like to thank Crash Mansion for their incredible staff, patience and faith in us… we are forever grateful.

Our partners: U-Haul, Yak Pak, Virgin Atlantic Airlines, Red Roof Inns, Spaten Beer, Absolut and Red Bull are all owed a great deal of gratitude for providing product and special discounts for independent artists. RethinkPopMusic will be traveling the world educating consumers utilizing our interactive questionnaire at our events and word of mouth at standard gigs.

Needless to say, none of this would be possible without RethinkPopMusic’s Affiliated Artists The Vanguard, The Aviation Orange, Ambassadors and Eastkoast and our adopted family members Hank and Cupcakes for keeping the crowd roaring all night!


Last but certainly not least, thanks to Jeremy Lloyd of Laissez Faire Club for making the trip all the way from London to DJ the event. Oh, and for the bottle of Veuve, you certainly are quite the gentleman.

With the help of Jeremy from MyDailyThread, Seva from MyOpenBar and Adam from Thrillist the 850+ RSVPs we received were so staggering that we had to shut down over 24hrs before the party. Fortunately, Crash Mansion was miraculously able to accommodate every attendee!


The night began with the premiere of The Vanguard’s, The Aviation Orange’s and Ambassadors’ debut music videos before the MTV music and Thrillist staffs:




Thanks to MTV for accepting all three music videos… we look forward to informing our readers on when to expect them to air.

Below are the rest of the pictures of the night… see if you can spot members of The Postelles, BM Linx, Chainsaw Trio, The Hotcakes, The Glorious Veins, Man on Earth and others who were in attendance. Huge thanks to Luiggi Tapuch for taken such great pics!

[svgallery name=”RPMLaunch”]

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