Mow Crew



Mow Crew is a volatile relationship comedy set in the world of landscapers and musicians on the island Martha’s Vineyard. This music based film stars actor/musicians Aaron Lloyd Barr of the NYC band The Vanguard and Saara Untracht-Oakner of the Boston band You Can Be A Wesley as well as Mike Keller, Cleo Berry, Becca Gerroll, Rob Myers, and Colleen Conroy.

Martha’s Vineyard native Eric Campbell has to make it through his last day of work as a landscaper before he can move to Los Angeles with his girlfriend to capitalize on a music recording deal they’ve been offered. But with a rival landscaping crew, a disaster prone co-worker, and the reemergence of an ex-girlfriend, this won’t be as easy as it sounds… Not to mention the fact he’s not sure he wants to leave.

His girlfriend Sage on the other hand cannot wait to leave the home she feels trapped in. But in addition to discovering her boyfriend/bandmate might bail on her, she also has to find a way to be comfortable leaving behind her reckless sister and incarcerated father.

Faced with an opportunity they never expected will this young couple pull together and take the chance of leaving behind the life they know, or will they be torn apart by the weight of a decision neither is entirely sure how to handle?

Filled with original music and comedy born from conflict, Mow Crew explores the difficulties of becoming an adult and the unexpected ways in which fear can manifest itself.

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