SXSW Documentary


Bob Berman – Owner RethinkPopMusic –
Bob Berman is a familiar face on the NYC music scene. An entrepreneur since birth, Bob took advantage of internships at both a major and indie record label to score a staff position at a “certain” cable television channel. All the while, Bob was lending his publicity, marketing and management expertise to numerous unsigned bands. Disgusted with the current climate of bogus “indie” record labels, 360 deals and oblivious executives Bob formed RethinkPopMusic.

Jose Infante – Director –
Jose Infante is a seasoned high fashion photographer who’s “All for One” still layering technique plays out before your eyes. While the vast majority of his work is in still photography, he has been developing an impressive portfolio of action shots and video. However it is the innovation of his “All for One” project that made the leap to film inevitable.

40’s – RethinkPopMusic artist –
40’s are the youngest band on the RethinkPopMusic roster with members Andrew, Will and Teddy ages of 18, 20 and 22 respectably. 40’s have never played a gig outside Ohio and upon Andrew’s graduation from high school intend to relocate to NYC in early summer. This trip will be there introduction to the music industry.

Stefan Schwartz – RethinkPopMusic artist –
Stefan is the lead singer, pianist and lyricist of The Iry. After experiencing some success while all attending separate colleges, the members have slowly disbanded to pursue more secure career paths. However, Stefan has never wanted to do anything but play music, but now is without a band. This trip will introduce him to the other RethinkPopMusic acts before he permanently relocates to NYC in early summer in search of a new band.

The Vanguard – RethinkPopMusic artist –
The Vanguard, the newest RethinkPopMusic act and the only band flying to Austin, are seasoned professionals when compared to the others. Having lived in NYC for a few years, The Vanguard are garnering increased interest in their new album due in April. The trip to SXSW will expose the Vanguard to a broader audience and prepare them for a RPM tour this summer.

On March 12th the cast members located in NYC (some will be picked up along the way and The Vanguard will fly to Austin) will travel to Columbus, Ohio. While in Columbus, the cast will play a house party to raise funds. They will spend a day or two in Columbus in search of more fundraising opportunities. From Columbus the cast (except The Vanguard) will travel to Nashville, TN for another confirmed house party. Once again the cast will spend a couple days in search of fundraising opportunities. From Nashville the cast will head to Austin, TX where they will meet The Vanguard. While at SXSW, March 17 – 22, the entire cast will share a small (2 bed 2 bath) apartment. In Austin, the bands will play separate gigs, play with mixed members and possibly, all together, put on a RethinkPopMusic showcase.

SXSW Documentary featuring...u-haul, cocaine energy drinks, yak-pak

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